Minerva Web Design and Marketing PricingWeb and Digital Marketing Solutions at Competitive Rates

We treat our clients with respect and will do anything to exceed their expectations. We don’t hide behind confusing fees and pricing schedules.

We expect the following question to be asked by every client during initial consultation:
How much will this website cost me?

They have every right to ask this question. It is, however, very difficult for us to provide them with an accurate estimate without carefully analyzing their business needs and requirements. Our job is to tailor the website to the client’s needs, and thus, no two projects are the same and they require different budgets.

For your convenience, our services and hourly rates for custom website development are listed below.

You can also fill out our online custom website quote form to receive a free custom website estimate within 3 business days.

Services Hourly Rate
Database Design and Programming [ MS SQL, MySQL ] $50.00
Web Design and Programming [ html, php, cfm, css, SSI, JavaScript ] $45.00
WordPress Website Customization and Production $40.00
Online Marketing [ SEM, SEO, SMM, Email Marketing ] $40.00
Graphic Design $35.00
Website Maintenance $30.00
Copywriting $30.00
Technical Support $30.00